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It's been heavy guesswork if you ask me. My doc (a neuro otologist) feels I have MAV as well, since there is heavy family history of migraine. A neurologist agreed and felt that is why I am not completely compensated. The migraine attacks the vestibular system on a semi regular basis, and compensation is virtually impossible. So they put me on Atacand to try to stop or slow the migraines in order to allow compensation to happen. So far this theory makes sense to me because I am doing better since I've been on the atacand. But I still have setbacks and MAV attacks. I have NO idea what happened in June. The doc called in VN, but I really don't think he knows. I had an ECoG (abnormal) and ENG (abnormal) but niether blew the doc away with the results. It was abnormal, but not profoundly so. First I was told I had Meniere's but my Neuro oto quickly dismissed that idea as I've had no hearing loss, and really don't get any notable ear pressure (some clicking, poppy ears at times, but nothing profound). So....who knows.

Thanks for your added info.