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I haven't posted in quite a while, but I decide to check in and see who's still around and came across your post. I too have been diagnosed with MAV. Well, I had Labyrinthitis and VN, but the Neurotologist feel I have MAV as this has been going on chronically for over a year and a half, and it's been over 2 years since my initial Labyrinthitis attack. Also, my symptoms clearly escalate with hormonal changes which is a good indicator, plus I definitely have the migraine gene as it's very heavy in my family including my son. Anyway, to make a long story short, I have tried Atacand (a blood pressure med used for migraine prevention) and it worked pretty well for a time. It's a daily medication. However, it stopped working and so now I am trying a calcium channel blocker called Verapamil which is daily, and we are also trying Maxalt when I feel it coming on. So far I am not impressed with the Verapamil and the Maxalt knocks out the headachy feeling I get (I don't get raging migraine headaches, it's more subtle, like my head is full of peanut butter) but doesn't do much for the spacyheadedness. The problem is that my family practitional attemted to take over my case, but after a long discussion he determined I needed to see a neurologist (duh!). So I am waiting to get an appointment once the referal goes through. I'd like to see one who's more specialized.

Anyway, the point is that I wouldn't want to see an ENT to deal with MAV. Once they decide it's MAV, I would want to see a neurologist. My Neurotologist decided that once he was comfortable with my diagnosis of MAV that he didn't want to mess with the medications either. He felt it was a neurologist's area and they would know best. So I would push for that unless you find your ENT to be highly knowledgable about MAV for some reason.

Good luck to you!
I just thought of something I should add. I cannot attest to this other than the fact that the Atacand and Klonopin combo was totally awesome at lowering my symptoms, and that was the closest I'd been to feeling normal in 20 months. But there are SO many migraine meds out there. I've done some reading up, and apparently some meds work for some people, and some work for others. And the whole thing is trial and error. It all depends on the type of migraine gene you have, and they can't really isolate the genes to determine which one you have.

The most annoying aspect it that it takes two months to determine if a daily preventative medication such as calcium channel blockers will help. So it's a long road to find the right drug. But I am not giving up. The other problem is that some things work for people for a while and then they stop. That was the case with Atacand. It was amazing how much better I felt for a good 6 months. Yes I had episodes, but not nearly as many and not nearly as bad. But for some reason it's no longer effective and now I have to try a new drug. It's only been about 3 weeks on Verapamil, so I am not throwing in the towel yet, but I want to discuss it with the neurologist to determine if it's the best choice considering my circumstances. My FP was flying by the seat of his pants if you ask me.

I recommend getting a few books on migraine for the library, particularly ones on hormone headaches. The only disadvantage is that they bearly mention our condition. However, if you replace the term headache with the term dizziness, everything sort of comes together. It's been helpful for me in learning about the various medications and treatments more than anything else. And it encouraged me because I learned that it IS a trial and error thing and not to give up if the drug you try doesn't work as there are many others to try. So...I will keep trying!

Subs, you are great, always there! Healthy and normal, but still here helping people out. Your wisdom is always appreciated!

Take care everyone!