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After much red tape and hassle, I finally got to see a great neurologist (not the jerk I posted about a few weeks ago who wanted her receptionist to quiz me and then rejected my case outright).

My doctor today is someone who actually took an interest in my case, was very thorough in asking questions, and spent a good hour with me hearing all my concerns and questions. This was so refreshing after a series of mediocre ENTs, family practitioners and Neuro Otologists.

The diagnosis is what has been suggested over and over. A migraine variant is causing my ongoing problems. MAV, like Meniere's is a diagnosis of exclusion. He made the decision based on the following information.

My symptoms:
Vertigo (I was surprised to hear that a feeling of movement, not necessarily spinning movement is also a form of vertigo. I always assumed it was just the spinning. So with that I know I have it far more frequently than I realized. I have feelings of moment, sort of like I am going down a fast elevator (the walls ooze as well) very often with my other symptoms)
Spacy Head
Tinnitus (escalated with increased symptoms)
motion sensitivity
mild headache (persistant when it happens. Sometimes lasting for more than a day)
light and sound sensitivity
Escalation of symptoms typically a week before my period and continuing during about half of the period. Also escalation during ovulation. Clearly a hormone connection for me.

I keep a "dizziness and headache journal" which showed a definite pattern of hormonal influence.

He also based the diagnosis on extremely strong family history of migraine (mom, dad, grandmother's on both sides, great uncle, great grandmother..I can keep going!).

I am going to try two new drugs. I took Atacand and Klonopin for a while and had some success, but for some reason it stopped working for me. I then switched to Verapamil and Maxalt. I found the Verapamil to be completely ineffective on me, and the Maxalt (a very low dose to start) only helped on occasion, but not consistently. Plus it really helped the mild headache (not even my chief complaint) and not so much with the dizzies. So now I am going to start a daily drug called Topomax. The way I understand it, it works on a brain cell level vs the other dailies that worked on a vascular level. It's normally used for seizures, but it also helps some people with migraines. The other drug I am going to try is called Frova. It's longer acting than Maxalt, and my doctor said it's got pretty good results with women who have a hormonally driven migraine issue.

So that's the latest. I am disappointed that this is something that probably won't go away. But I am also relieved to have a diagnosis after all this guessing and speculation. And I am also glad to know it's a condition that is potentially controllable with medications. It's now just the long road to finding the right ones. Any other MAV sufferers taking these drugs? Just wondering how they are working for you. Anyone with MAV want to kvetch? This is the thread!!!
Julianne :dizzy: