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Hi, Julianne. I am going through about the same thing with trialing various drugs. So far, nothing is helping. I have episodic vertigo and double vision that typically only lasts 5 to 10 minutes so really only a prophylactic drug does any good for me unless I'm having a really bad day. It's funny what you said about coping. I just hit the 3 year mark, and the longer I have this, the better I cope. I guess while it's a major pain you just learn not to freak out and go with the flow (it helps in some ways when this has happened over a 100 times before). I've tried verapamil (a calcium channel blocker), trileptal (an anti-seizure med), diamox (a diuretic/high altitude med), and am now on toprol (a beta blocker) -- just started that today. So, I'm willing to keep playing the game in hopes of finding a "cure", but really don't think nearly as much about it anymore as I used to. That's great that you've continued running. Exercise is one thing I have not done well with since I got this. Take care, Penny

Hi Penny,
Do you have any symptoms other than the short episodes? According to my doc I am a good candidate for the daily meds (but which one, tried Verapamil, Atacand and Topamax already, some success with Atacand but it was fleeting) because I have a stuff going on at some level on many days. I can't possibly take a Frova on every day I have the symptoms because I have them a lot. So I have to be selective about when I break down and take one. But when I have a bad day, (dizzy, off balance, headache, heavy tinnitus) it's pretty obvious that I need to pop a pill and give it a try. So far I've been somewhat pleased with the Frova. It's only been two times, so I am not going to start cheering yet. The annoying thing is the other days of the month when I have less symptoms but no relief in sight other than my own coping skills (which translate to ignore and drive on I guess).

Exercise has been essential for me. I stopped doing it when this whole thing kicked in almost two years ago, but I finally got tired of waiting for it to pass and tried to run through it. And I am now training for another marathon (I did my last about a month before I started having chronic dizziness). I find it actually helps me feel better when I am running. It seems to clear my head.

Have you tried any of this elimination diet stuff? I dread the idea of dropping chocolate. That's just not an option for me! I don't think it would matter anyway, I have been eating it daily for my whole life! It can't possibly be the culprit.

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