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Lenin, I sometimes wonder if Marfan patients should have the surgery sooner than 5 cm. It will pobably be changed to 4.5 cm in the future as guideline keeps changing. It has always been a concern for me and now that I'm in my 40's, I'm really wondering. With my weak heart though, I'm not sure I would even survive a major operation like Aortic repair. It's a catch 22.

I also wanted to add........with the DCM my BP bounces all over the place.
I have been switched to Atacand 8 mg and will go up to 16 mg this Tuesday and titrate to 32 mg (if my BP will tolerate) I have hypotension with heart meds. My BP is low in the A.M. and then climbs up in the evening.
I have to make sure I take my meds. on time or it just keeps climbing.
It's a real juggling act to keep everything in balance.

I've read that with Heart Failure or Cardiomyopathy the BP is harder to regulate, is this true and do you know why it does this? Thanks, Penk