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I have tried Atacand and Cozaar but I had many side effects, my father tried them and he was very happy on both of them. The cough gone away from my father too while he was on any of these ARBs :). I think that you might encounter some side effects while your body adjust. You know each one react differently to the same drug. I felt so dizzy and sleepy all the time while I was on any ACE or ARB :(, my father didn't so I guess you have to try and find out.
Good luck
Just got back from the doctor. I gave her options of Avapro, Atacand and Diovan. She prefers to go with Diovan. So Diovan it is! 80mg dose.

What's unfortunate is at the doctor my BP was 125/75...lowest doctor's office reading in years while on a drug that I now have to discontinue. :mad: