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Hi all I have decided after seeing my doc with no resolution to lower my toprol dose to see if it stops the tingling I have been feeling in my hands and arms in the mornings when I wake up. Currently I take 100 mg in the morning and again at night. I am thinking about stoping the night 100 mg dose. This morning my wife commented on how cold both my hands felt, a sign of poor circulation. I also take 16 mg of atacand twice daily, but do not think it is the reason as it expands the arteries. Toprol on the other hand reduces the number of heart beats. Any thoughts on this matter?
That was an extreme low. Normally first thing in the morning it is 105-110/60-65 pulse in the 65-75 range. During the day it is 110-120/65-75 pulse 65-75 I exercise for an hour everyday. Lifting everyother day and treadmill on the other days. I recently lost 33 pounds and have been exercising for 6 weeks now. MY meds are toprol 2x daily 100mg and atacand 2x daily 16mg. I feel that with the change in diet and exercising it is time to adjust my meds!