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I looked back a couple posts.
What you took to be ACE1 is what I wrote as ACEI (meaning ace INHIBITOR):D :D ACE is the enzyme that gets inhibited.

ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) has lots of functions in the body and thus weird symptoms like you got with your stomach aren't rare with drugs that block it's synthesis. The commonest is endless coughing but there are many other prostaglandin-type reaction.

Any ARB is usually very well tolerated but their problem is is they are generally weak drugs (maybe a good thing.)
Best try out Benicar, Diovan, Atacand, or even Cozaar/Hyzaar and see if they control your BP well enough. They are often accompanies with a thiazide diuretic. If they work, they will treat you well.

A glass of merlot to wash down 5 mg. diazapam is SUCH a nice way to battle life's stresses!