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Welcome to healthboards.com, I haven't tried Diovan but I tried Atacand and Cozaar, which are in the same drug class as Diovan so nearly they will have the same side effects. They made me feeling so weak, dizzy, tired and depressed because of all those side effects. Anyway, I end up with Cardiazem 180 mg twice daily and it has no side effects except a little tiredness. I was not tired when I was on 90 mg or the 120 mg twice daily and I just started the 180 mg twice daily so maybe this tiredness will go away after some time. No ED as a side effect of this drug too :D.
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The reasons for the increased dosage are:
1- I gained 18 pounds.
2- I eat a lot of fast food.
3- I stopped exercising.
So I needed a stronger solution for the bigger problem. My blood pressure was 140/100 on the 120 mg (but in summer it was 120/80). Now on the 180 mg it's 130/85 and I know next week it will be lower than that. If you take Benicar then you are not changing a lot. I have used Cozaar and I got a lot of bad side effects then I have used Atacand and I got the same side effects.

Atacand, Benicar, Cozaar and Diovan are all in the same drug class and they will give similar side effects. I hope that I'm wrong and someone else will correct me but this what happened to me with 2 drugs of this class.

Supplements are very helpful too but you will not feel the effect before few months. Read the other threads about the supplements and you will see what I'm talking about :D.

Now let talk about the drug classes you have used so far:
1- Diuretics: Hydrochlorothiazide
2- Lisinopril: ACEI
3- Atenolol: Beta-Blockers
4- Diovan: ARB
And you got side effects with them all. Me too :( so I the last options I had was to try CCBs. I started with Norvasc and it was not effective at all then I started Diltiazem and it was the only good drug for me.

If you are like me (got a lot of side effects from all the drug classes, except CCBs) then I think you should try CCBs Like Norvasc or Diltiazem. I'm really sad or you because I was very depressed when I didn't find any medication that I can live with without those bad side effects.
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Not all people get side effects from the same med, my father tried both Cozaar and Atacand with no side effecs and when I tried them I got many bad side effects. The only way to know if this med is good for you or not is to try it.