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[QUOTE=goldyfm;3228474]Thanks for your replies. I had posted earlier when diagnosed with the valve problems. I had an echo and was referred to a Cardiologist who did a Transesophageal Echocardiogram about 6 weeks ago. It showed mild to moderate regurgitation in the pulmonic, tricuspid and mitral valves and moderate to severe regurgitation in the aortic valve. Seems the report showed a left ventricular diastolic dysfunction although the EF was in the 55-65%.

The cardiologist was trying on ACE Inhibitor and the Angiotensin Reuptake Inhibitor to prevent preogression of damage. It was not a vegetative or structural defect. No stenosis was noted and the heart was not enlarged at that time.

I also had a negative echo in 2002 so all these problems have occurred over the last 5 years.

I'm curious as to what ace inhibitor you were prescribed? Was it Lisinopril? I had a horrid cough, gagging and vomiting several times daily and worse at night from lisinopril. My doctor put me on Atacand and the cough was gone completely within two weeks.