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[QUOTE=pistons22girl;3284782]wow.. i'm not sure what mine is, but i know its low.. i developed CHF due to fluid retention from Preeclampsia in a recent pregnancy. I know you must feel 100% better, being at 50% now. I'm very happy for you, b/c i know how nerve-wrecking it can be to worry about this disease. How did you get yours back up so high? I know I should avoid sodium but its in EVERYTHING.. I hope I can take some steps to get mine built back up also. Congrats again!;)
I didn't avoid sodium, I lowered it. I couldn't give it up completely!:D I didn't do anything that would make my heart race, and I slowed down to just one cup of coffee. Caffeine will make your heart beat too fast and there's 200mg. in just one cup of coffee compared to 50mg. in a cup of tea. I ate lots of protein, mostly roasted chicken; I don't eat red meat. Olive oil is something I really like so I eat a lot of that, and pecans. I ate an avacado every three days too. But seriously I believe it was the three drugs: coreg, digoxin and atacand that helped me. And the other life saver was the lasix because it kept the fluid off. I don't have more energy because I don't sleep well, due to my fibromyalgia, so I'm always a little tired. But that nagging fear is gone.