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I have tried ACEs, Coversyl, and ARBs, Cozaar and Atacand. I got many side effects that prevented me from functioning like a human. I was tired all time, breathless, dizzy, I felt that my legs are very heavy, sweating all the time. All those side effects happened after the first dose of the ACEs and the ARBs that I have tried. I can't imagine what would happen after using it for a month.
I was on 5 mg of Zebeta for more than 3.5 years, I got side effects but I can't compare it to what I have experienced with ACEs and ARBs.
I tried Norvasc and it was not nice, I had one last med to try which is Diltiazem. I have no side effects at all that I'm aware of. But I don't get good readings in winter so last few days I have added a diuretic, got tired and felt very weird :( so I stopped it.

If you read other threads and learn more about medication I'm sure that you will find a medication to control your blood pressure without side effects.
Good luck,