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So glad to hear from you neighbor! I am also glad that you are doing better and have dodged surgery for now. It is nice to hear good news, no matter from whom! I am sorry about the internet. I know I am using dial-up here (cheapest I could find and am watching my pennies since SSD hearing is at least another 6 months out I am told) I do understand the situation. Grandkids are smart aren't they? I don't remember if I was as smart as they are now. Maybe I should apply for the "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" show and see. LOL

I have not responded well to the last med (Zanaflex)from my new Rheumatologist (# 3 for me) and I am only told to double and double the doubled med. I am not sleeping like I was since having CPAP retitrated and I had a horrible reaction to a cervical epi steroid (heart raced 120-130 for 3 days and I went from a person to extremely low BP to hypertension due to that reaction) I am afraid the epi and spinal stage is over for me, and I am saddened as I did get good results from the epi (5-6 weeks pain relief), only can't do followup shots. I am at a loss for the fibro. I have started using a Tens, but that is only temp relief and have to do everyday to multiple spots. I may have to buy stock in the Energizer bunny to keep that up.

I am doing well as far as the heart is concerned. Only occasional swelling in lower extremities and some mild chest pains at night. My valves were all the normal leaflets and no stenosis or vegetation so I just have the regurg issue for now. I have tolerated the Atacand so I am just in a followup pattern now for the regurg issues. I had a holter monitor and carotid studies during the reaction of the steroid and they were fine.

Well I just wanted to hear that you were doing well, so I got my wish! I was out today, my daughter and family took me to lunch for my birthday and I watched my grandbaby while they did some errands. It doesn't get any better than that! Take care and don't be a stranger. Glad to see you around here!