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I have read on the forum that BP follows a pattern. I just have forgotten what that pattern is,and cannot find it in the old posts.

My BP is getting a bit higher around 8-9 pm at night. This makes me a bit anxious because it's a relatively new occurance. I always had low BP at night. 105/68. I definately am a dipper,and my BP when I sleep is low.

I take 40 mg propranol with 8mg Atacand at 7 am, then again at about 1 pm. But lately I have had to take BP meds again at 8 or 9 pm,and this is bothering me,as this is a new phenomenon. My pressures are about 130/85-89 sometimes a bit higher,and I feel that may be too high for that time of night?

Any ideas?

Thank you