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Hello -
I am new to this board and new to diovan hct. I was prescribed this med for hypertension a year after the birth of our third daughter. I am 38 years old and in excellent health otherwise (vegetarian, exerciser, non smoker, non drinker) but I have a strong family history of hypertension.

I have been taking it for 6 days (started with 1/2 a dose of 160 diovan/12.5 hctz) the first day and added another 1/4 dose (now at 120 diovan/@10mg hctz).

I have been having abdominal pain in the upper region just below the ribcage...... additionally lightheadedness/hypotension when standing. The abdominal pain was particularly bad the first 2 days on the 120 dose and has since eased in frequency but not intensity.

Has anyone ever experienced abdominal pain? I am extremely sensitive to medication and tend not even to take an aspirin.

Also, has anyone switched from diovan to another ARB (avapro or atacand) and had a better experience? I have read some very concerning info online regarding diovan. It is bringing my numbers down quite nicely so I believe this class of drug is one that will work for me.

Thank you so much for your input.

God Bless.....
Thank you everyone for your comments on my post from several weeks ago..... wanted to follow up......

My doctor recommended I drop down to 1/2 of a 160mg dose of the diovan hct to ease the abdominal pain on day #3, but when I tried that, my numbers went up.

I eased back onto the 120mg dose and the pain slowly abated. I have been on this dose for @ 3 weeks now and my last problem with discomfort was 6 days ago.

My pressures have responded nicely...... in fact there is a concern about them being a bit too low first thing in the AM (high 80's/low 90's over 50's).

I had a follow up appt today and I am switching to Atacand hct (1/2 of a 16 mg dose). I am hoping that I will respond to this low dose as I would like to take the smallest amount of a medication that I possibly can.

Thank you again for the input......
God Bless

PS. Bethsheba - I read your DASH results...... How terrific! Keep up the great work..... I will be looking into the eating plan as well. It is amazing how many hidden sources of sodium are in our food supply.