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I suspect that I might be a Coeliac. I'm in my 20s and my diet doesn't contain all that much wheat, simply because I don't like it and never have. I've always found breads, cakes, biscuits etc unattractive food that I only eat if I have to.

I have had a few very odd incidents recently:

1) After consuming texturised wheat protein which was put into a dish as a meat replacement by a vegetarian friend of mine I had bad cramping, bloating and pain in my abdomen which quickly went away after taking 'motillium' (Domperidone).

2) anytime I drink beer I throw up, however I could drink large amounts of fizzy soft drinks, cider, cocktails or any other alcoholic beverage without any incident. A single beer will cause me to become very bloated and feeling like I need to vomit within 10 minutes of drinking it. After consuming quite a bit of beer at a festival in Belgium I became so ill that I couldn't eat at all for over 24 hours afterwards. I could only drink sips of water. I went to a local doctor who prescribed Domperidone (Motilium) which once again returned me to normal within an hour.

3) If I eat certain frozen / processed foods I become very sick. Pains in my abdomen, very bad gas etc. I've noticed many of these are using wheat flour or gluten as a thickener / emulsifier.

4) On a separate note, If I consume certain foods, particularly Chinese foods (some of which, I suspect might contain MSG) I find that my face flushes, my arms become 'veiny' and I get light headed and sweaty. This also happens if I drink certain red wines.

Does this sound like anything that anyone recognises ?

I am cutting wheat out of my diet completely to see how I get on. I don't really find it very difficult as I don't like wheat to start with. The only problem is that we live in a world of sandwiches, rolls, wraps, bagels, etc. It's difficult to find a filling lunch that doesn't contain wheat unless I opt for a whole meal with rice or potato as the carbohydrate base.

I'm finding that I end up just eating fruit and salads.

Also, and I have no idea if this is anyway related, I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure recently and no cause could be found. So, I am taking Atacand (Candesartan) 16mg. It seems to be reducing it, but it's still on the higher side of normal. Sometimes however, it dips very low and I get dizzy. It's really a bit of a crazy situation as I don't feel like taking medication that leaves me feeling light headed part of the time.

Any help / advice would be very much appreciated!