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I have a couple of weird problems going on that I cannot get to the bottom of.

1) I have elevated blood pressure, particularly on the diastolic reading. It hits 180/110 and above if not taking medication (Atacand) and about 160/95 when on it.

2) Occasionally, I get very strange palpitations. They are triggered when I am awoken with a jolt e.g. an alarm going off or, more regularly by sexual activity. It is completely destroying my sex life and I am terrified to have sex with my partner. It's actually destroying my relationship as she seems to think that I am not attracted to her and doesn't really believe that I am just freaked out by this heart thing. It is like whatever hormones are released during that activity cause my heart to go completely nuts. It's extremely frustrating to put it mildly.

When it happens my heart goes into a strange flutter, it skips several beats then beats very rapidly for a few beats then pauses again and repeats this over and over. It can take it 6 hours to go back to normal.

I tend to sit up desperately trying to do yoga style breathing to attempt to return it to a normal rhythm. I am afraid to sleep, just in case I didn't wake up again. So, I end up arriving in work completely exhausted.

I don't get dizzy during this and I have checked my circulation e.g. by pressing my finger nails to check that they are not gone white. However, I do kinda feel a little 'different' and I can feel my erratic pulse in my head, neck and legs. It's very odd.

I usually fall asleep and wake up with a normal rhythm again and a bad headache.

I went to a cardiologist and had an ECG and echo cardiogram which turned up absolutely nothing unusual. I was also given a holter monitor which I wore for 2 weeks, but my heart behaved itself perfectly for the entire time.

The cardiologist's only concern was that I had high blood pressure and he put this down to 'natural' and 'unexplained' causes and prescribed atacand which he reckoned was a safe option for someone my age as it has few / no side effects.

I felt I was treated like a hypochondriac who is having panic attacks. I can 100% assure you I'm not. Stress may have some implication, but this happens when I am not stressed at all.

It's completely destroying my relationships. My partner has threatened to walk out and wants me to go to counselling!!

Has anyone any ideas what this could be or what I should do?

I don't want to be single, but I also don't want to be dead.