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Mom 802, I really feel for your child. You need to get a
Dr. to pay attn. Most don't think `out-of-the-box!' Any
Dr. can get started w/ a IgE antibody blood test for a
full panel ck. (Food, pollen, etc.) Methylprednisolone
pak is btr than pred. rx. Kids can acquire allergies & grow out of them. The more attacks she has, the lower
her immune system gets & more freq. attacks. I've been
tested =0. Been to hospital, diag. w/ large Urticaria.
`Giant Hives.' Sadly, sedation is the fastest relief. I use
25mg Atarax @ 1st signs. Hospital uses injection 100mg.
Finding cause is tough if IgE is 0 but then it's up to you.
Stress from attacks causes more attacks. I was at the
hospital 2 days before surgery & they said it was stress!
I wasn't much. Dr. gave me Benadryl, Advil gelcaps, etc.
& I got worse. No hives occured during week of recover.
Drugs had brain drowsy & only had broth. Hence, I had
to research. I wrote everything I took before my attack.
Set it out on counter to see if anything clicked. Read all
boxes/labels. `It was an additive!' They don't test for
red dye 40. It was in my Jello, Advil, Benadryl, Pillsbury
Biscuits, BBQ Sc, etc. The pink Benadryl made me worse. It's even in a sleeping med the hospital told me to take if needed. Alittle is OK. Too much & I get hives.
Popsicles, syrups, candy. If it accumulates enough it'll
trip the hives. I ate broth & crackers 2 days & then a lg. bowl straw.jello. Bingo, covered in hives. 50 mg. of
Atarax & 2 hrs. rest settled things. Benadryl Spray is a
big help for itch. Cups of oatmeal & soak in cool tub will
help too. Put towel over drain to catch while draining.
Zyrtec is `slow release' Atarax form. Does nothing for me. You need the actual sedation dose now. She needs
the sleep to calm things anyway. Get the IgE full panel,
start writing/reading, try bland a few days + Atarax Rx.
It is something she's eating. Hives don't come from mold
or pollen. The Advil w/ red in it may be doing her in. In
my 40's I suffered till I found the cause was red 40 dye.
I acquired this allergy after my immune system went
down. I read everything now. Gd. Luck. Let us know.