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Hi Everyone,
Thanks to all of you who so kindly responded to my questions!

With your help and the internet, I successfully diagnosed myself with uriticaria and angioedema. I saw an allergist on Monday who took x-rays of my face (also diagnosed with severe sinusitis - couldn't even see my eyes or nose on the x-ray!). Did an allergy test on my back and took blood. The question now is what am I NOT allergic to, apparently I am so full of histimine and my body is "exploding" as he put it, that almost everything environmentmental is negatively affecting me right now (no food allergies, though). He put me on a regimen of Loratidine 3x/day, Cimetidine 3x/day and Atarax b4 bedtime. Lots of drugs and I'm pretty sleepy - BUT NO SWELLING SINCE SUNDAY!

Thanks to everyone again, and if I can be of help to someone else out there, I will. I'm certainly going to be checking the boards!

Jennifer :wave: