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I am 20 and I have had eczema before but it is much worse right now. I have no idea how this one started but basically I believe it was a result of a combination of things. I remember being stressed when the first bad flare-up resulted and I was confused about the condition. I also did not moisturize frequently. I was sort of asking for eczema at that point. I went to see the doctor and they basically said it was eczema and they sent me to the dermatologist. The dermatologist prescribed me a corticosteroid called Prednisone. It did very well up to the point I stopped taking the medication. It slowly came back but now it is heavily on my arms rather than my legs. There are some dots and some form hives. My arm now has a bumpy texture because of the rash. It also seems to be symmetrical with the other arm. Now, I have to find out the triggers and I believe that stress is a major factor since I am a college student. I have a feeling it is due between both allergies and stress. Laundry detergent could also play a big role. So far I haven't used any other medication besides antihistamines and atarax for itching. There is still a trigger that is causing my horrible condition that is bothering every aspect of life. I need help in treatments!