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I was having a terrible time with hives, welts over my entire body. The itching was so severe I felt as though my skin was on fire. The strange thing was I only got it at work. When I would leave work, the rash/hives/burning would subside after a few hours.
I am a [ please carefully review the posting rules - do not reveal your past, current or future profession ] and people said it was stress related. Anyway, I started to get watery eyes, sore throat, nausea, dizziness, coughing and sneezing along with this terrible rash. I just dealt with it until I felt like I was going to die.I was finally tested for a latex allergy. Well, what do you know! My RAST was 1700 (normal is 0-70). I have a Type 1 latex allergy, also known as IgE anti-body mediated latex allergy. It is an allergy to airborne latex. Basically, every time I was (am) exposed to latex particles in the air, my body becomes more and more sensitized, causing an even stronger response. Basically, my signs and symptoms were the beginning of anaphylactic shock. Now, I have to avoid areas with latex (which is almost impossible), wear an allergy bracelet and carry an epi-pen with me in the event that I am exposed and have a severe reaction.
I get hives and itching all of the time due to latex exposure. I have found that the best medication for me is Atarax (Hydroxyzine HCL). This is an older drug, but it works better than any of the new ones out. It makes me a little sleepy, but it erases the hives and itching immediately. Doxepin worked well, but made me so sedated I felt as though I was in a coma.