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well, i went yesterday. she said the same thing my regular dr said, that maybe my skin got irritated by the scabies in march and that i'm in a cycle of scratching and itching. i'm not so sure tho. it's been so long. she prescribed allegra and some kind of creme (i think for acne tho). she also told me to buy cetaphil soap and to apply aveeno lotion after each shower. so i dunno. i don't have the money to buy the prescriptions really. allegra is $76 and the creme is $52. the allegra isn't for allergies per-say it's an antihistamine, same as my dr had prescribed but a different one. he's prescribed atarax, but i ended up taking an otc instead cause i couldn't afford it at the time. didn't take the ptc either tho cause it was making me increibl drowsy. she says allegra won't do that (and i've taken allegra before and it didn't). but, instead of paying this much i might just go back to my dr and have him do a blood test. cause he had given me that as an option, that or a dermatologist. but i'd hate to spend a lot (money and time) on treating a skin condition if it's something else entirely. i don't know what to do.