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Quote from jerandjan:
My first time here, hope someone is able to give me a few ideas.
My son is 23 and has been experiencing severe itching for 2 months now. He has been to 2 Doctors, the first said she didn't know what was causing the itch and told him to put some cortisone cream on - which made it worse - he washed it off straight away. The next Doctor sent him for blood tests, covering Liver, Kidneys, through to Hepatitis etc etc. - all came back negative. She then has put him on Prednisolone 25mg daily, which has reduced the itching somewhat but not completely. There is not a noticeable rash as such, but when he starts itching he has to scratch it or he says he will go mad.
He said it is a severe prickly, burning itch. When he scratches the itch his skin goes very red and where he has scratched, his skin goes into raised welts. His appetite has diminished dramatically and he is losing weight. The itch is worst at night, he gets to sleep but not for very long and then wakes and has to go and have a bath with oatmeal in the water, rubs calamine lotion all over and then goes back to bed. Only to repeat this 2 to 3 times a night. When he gets up in the morning to go to work he is exhausted (he's home again today). He manages to get better sleep during the day. The worst areas of itch are on his neck and head, less severe but also on his back, chest, groin, arms and legs. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or are able to give me any ideas of where else to go for assistance?

I have purchased scabies lotion and painted it all over him (just in case), washed all his clothes and bedding and fumigated his room. I changed the clothes washing liquid as well. Neither my Husband or myself have any of his symptoms, which makes me think it is not contagious.
Thank you so much in anticipation for any ideas - they will all be gratefully appreciated:confused: .

I have developed a terrible itch just like your son's at the ripe old age of 60--but it ends up in blisters and bloody skabbing skin i assume it is a reaction to the sun as I am a tennis player but it wont go away even when I am out of the sun I recently went to a health food place and was sold a number of interesting things for the skin/eczema/etc and they feel good so far I hate atarax tho the benedryl will help your son to sleep. it is good to hear that it is heat and sweating etc that makes it worse i agree i dont think anyone really knows how to cure this and worrying probably make it worse i really try not to itch it bec it is an awful bruning sensation afterwards I will report progress if any from my new regimen of fish oil and black currant capsules--do tell him to put a bag of oatmeal in his bath--fights dryness they say