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:) [SIZE="3"][QUOTE=Lawn Boy;2796233]I got seborrheic dermatits about a year ago and have finally got it under control to the point where I dont need any topical steroids (which are really bad for you). My derm put me on cutivate lotion (fluticasone propionate .05%) for the dermatits on my face. The cutivate cleared up the dermatitis but when I would stop using the cutivate the seborrheic dermatits would flare up immediately and be worse than before. I would then need to use cutivate again to clear up the new outbreak.

I had to eventually wean myself off the cutivate because my face would have a rebound outbreak when I stopped using the lotion.

I am now to the point where I dont need any cutivate and I have no traces of dermatits on my face or anywhere on my body.

What worked best for me was using a very mild olive oil and aloe soap (kiss my face) to wash my face only once every two to three days. On the days when I dont use soap I rinse my face with cold water only. If you have seborrheic dermatits try reducing how much soap you use and always use cold to barley warm water in the shower. That worked for me, hope this helps someone.

I am glad you are getting better. I have had dermatitis for 2 years and I used topical steroids for months. They were only a temporary help for me. I take atarax to help stop the itching and I discovered a lotion at Long's called staph-o-septic, it works better than any prescriptions I have tried. I am not completely cured but I am hopeful. I have had this condition from head to toe and it has been very difficult to handle, especially the scars. I believe this happened to me due to stress. I have had it since I found out that my son has a brain tumor. Hoping for the best.....