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its weird to be allergic to food. its almost one month ive been suffering with this bizarre sickness with hives almost on the whole body, and nearly got an anaphylactic shock. m being so stressed with these reactions.
i have been to the doctor and he prescribed me with solupred and atarax. these 2 medicines worked well. also am sticked to a severe diet of only vegetables (excluding green leafy vegetables,poultry,beef,pulses,wheat). is it that am high of protein that am having these reactions????
i was nearly out of danger when taking these drugs, but i have observed that taking a nutrient with high protein such as pulses results in having hives again. why is it so????
point to notice: i have a 5 months old baby which i breast-fed and fortunately does not show any allergic reactions.because of breastfeeding, i drank 5 glasses of milk everyday per meal (which means high level of protein).
usually breastfeeding milk content of protein is low for the baby to feed on. is it so that the level of protein i have taken is high in my body and thus my body is slow in using it???? please help in giving suggestions, am so stressed with these allergic reactions.