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[QUOTE=Sannah;3364943]He is a DO. He is the best! He has helped us out so much. I trust him more than any other doc that I have known. I drive 1 1/2 hours to see him. My daughter was allergic to almost all food and very sick. She is eating everything now and is very healthy for the first time in her life. (And for any doubters out there who think that she just outgrew the allergies. She barely tolerated the allergy testing and 2 months later was eating everything and she had anaphylaxis).

hi sannah, just joined these boards.thought what you had to say interesting, what is a DO? my oldest daughter is 24 yrs old, she has been having severe allergic reactions for 3 almost 4 yrs now, we;ve had her to two allergists, one did some skin tests, blood tests, etc, our pcp has her on prednisone, atarax claritin,zantac,when these don't work, which seems to be happenning more and more, she has to go to the er, and have iv drugs, and stay in hospital for a couple days....it's so scarey, especially for her. her lips and tongue and throat were affected this last time. we don't know what to do, i;m going to have her start a food diary, fabric diary,perfume,soap, etc., her original skin tests showed allergies to dust mites, and grass pollens were high,so of course, i got her the allergen matress cover and pillow covers.keep her room clean,then it still happens, we're at a loss.....i think i'll research the university of washington, for help.....she needs to live in a bubble, oh well, it just feelss nice sharing with someone,any thoughts? tx,shellbell56