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I believe the PDF, Meg. But I've nonetheless read that Ambien is not addictive (along with desperate pleas for help from those who can't sleep without it)!
It IS addictive for me but Xanax is not. I recall begging for Ambien last year before a one week trip and our pharmacist GAVE 10 to me and said I could pay him later! Which I did. I felt rotten each day following my taking it. It scares me now and I very rarely take it. Besides, I have an antihistamine , Atarax, that works well.

Chrys is right. Also, I imagine anything taken for sleep can be habit-forming to some degree, BUT between the three choices of Ambien, Xanax and Atarax, I'd chose the Atarax or any antihistamine over the other two in a heartbeat....antihistamines are definately safer and if you read the info, have less problems with side-effects and are basically non-addictive.

If it works for you, why not forget about the other two?

OTC meds are usually too mild, that's why they don't always work. Atarax is a prescription, so it's alot stronger, but sometimes when people take benzos for a long time or Ambien, other things will not be able to work. It's like bringing a pop-gun to war.

And it's war to your brain...it will fight the intruders(ambien, xanax) intil they are weak, then a stronger dose will be needed, or more meds that will make them more effective(aka drug cocktails). The brain needs natural sleep, and non of these drugs really give that.

If you look on the website, they explain insomnia and anxiety can last for months, or sometimes 1-3.5 years after the last pill! This doesn't mean 1-3.5 years without sleep, just sleep problems like sleep onset, length of sleep, broken sleep and REM rebound(nightmares). Doctors would typically say "you have been off pills for two weeks now, it's not withdrawal", but these are the same guys who say ambien is not addictive!!!

Technically, it isn't withdrawal, but a post-withdrawal syndrome, a recovery period which can be quite long...so sometimes a patience beyond reason is required, but it is worth regaining precious natural sleep, which no pill is able to really provide.

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