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OK Everyone, I've been all over the boards searching for answers and now I am going to summarize my symptoms. I do suffer from anxiety and depression but I have a hard time believing all of what I am experiencing is related to that.

[*]I'll start with extremely foggy headed w/memory loss, Can't clearly think what I did hours before.
[*]sometimes shooting pains in head, not an every day thing but, an occassional thing.
[*]My surroundings seem to shift alot, actually to the point where I can't drive any longer and even have a hard time as a passenger. This has been one of my most debilitating symptoms. Started about 4 months ago and is becoming steadily worse.
[*]Mild acne (I am 26) never suffered from this in my teens.
[*]irregular periods, I have always had extremely heavy, irregular (always got it within 10 days of due date) periods. In June it started my period was 10 days of a black/brown discharge and maybe one day where I noticed a little pinkish red blood. In July I had a regular cycle until the end of the month where I had another 10 days of black/brown. So, in July I had one week of regular bleeding and 10 days of black/brown. August, more black/brown but more bleeding interspersed. September, getting more normal. October and November I am getting actual bleeding but more of a melon color not bright red. Sorry so graphic. Also wanted to mention, absolutely no cramping at all. Again sorry so graphic but no odor either.
[*]Eyes are irritated alot and sometimes feel pressure.
[*]tachycardia, have suffered with this for 2 yrs and am on atenolol
[*]acid reflux every day have only recently started suffering with this.

I feel it is important that you know that I was in a car accident a year ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I have had a blood test for thyroid and my TSH levels are at 6.0. Dr said that isn'tanything to worry about. So, everyone what do you think? All stress or is something else at work here? One more important thing that actually happened for the first time today. I called into work today to take a personal day, I was supposed t work 3-11:30 and I called in at 1:30 to see if I could use my personal day, they told me I had already called in and they had granted my day off. I said are you sure? They said they were positive it was me and recalled details of the conversation, personal details of my life they had asked me about. I say they because baffled I called in again and spoke with the other secretary who confirmed that I had indeed called in. I have absolutely NO recollection of any of this conversation that had taken place only 3 and a half hours before. I try to remember what I was doing at 10 am and there is a gap from about 9:30-11. This has never happened to me before and I am terrified by it.

I would really appreciate any feed back. I have a Dr appt on the 18th and if anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know.