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I have chewed smokeless tobacco since I was about 20 years of age (I'm 40 now) and have never really had any problems with it outside of the occassional irritation to the lining of my mouth, etc. Recently, because I have what looks like a small pale/translucent white patch on my gum over an area where I had a wisdom tooth removed years ago and my concerns over oral cancer, I have stopped chewing and begun using nicotene gum (which helps quite a bit with my cravings). I also have an appointment with the ENT early next month for a possible biopsy.

What really concerns me is that this morning I was using a flashlight to look at the inside of my mouth in the bathroom mirror and when I lifted up my tongue, I noticed two very small growths (side by side) about the diameter of a peice of fine fishing line and maybe 1/50'th of an inch in length on the underside of my tongue but toward the front. These growths looked very similar to the slender peices of skin that some people get on their arms, back, face and sometimes legs (wen, cyst, stye?). They are not sore and are a normal pinkish color (like the rest of my tongue). I used to call them "skin stalks" but the ones on my tongue don't have a "head" or anything on them.

Some other symptoms I have had are a constant alkaline/metallic taste in my mouth. I don't know if this taste could be caused by my SSRI (Celexa) that I'm taking for depression or the Atenolol I'm taking for my high BP but I guess anything is possible.

Does anyone know what these could be or wether they are something serious or benign?. I don't even know where to begin and I won't see the ENT for almost 2 weeks.

Thank you