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Hi, i have been taking ultram/tramadol
since last may for my nerve pain, and
the side effect that i get is migraine
headaches :-(
tramadol is the only pain med that i can
take without making me sick and the doctor's
tell me that there's nothing else that i can
go on without going on a strong narcotic
(which i don't want).
i just recently saw another doctor being that
my primary doctor whom i have been seeing
since last may is going to be off for 6 months
due to a family issue, and i told this new doctor
about my migraine headaches (my regular doctor
didnt know what to do, all she said was to cut
down taking the ultram through out the day, which
i take only 3 at the most a day to help with my
nerve pain)
well this new doctor prescribed me "atenolol"
for my migraine headaches and he says that it
will help also with my depression and anxiety and lower
my blood pressure (i have never had high blood
pressure before
until my chronic pain started)
he told me tho that it will take a good couple of weeks
before it takes in effect, GREAT!! :-(
i have been on it now for 6 days (I'm suppose to take
1 pill a day right before i go to bed)
well my headaches have lowered some but it's still
there, i'm hoping within another week that my migraines
will be gone. I hate having to deal with my nerve pain
and now i have to deal with headaches.
i told the doctor that i think that the ultram is making me
get these headaches, but he thinks either that's whats causing
it or that my blood pressure being high and that i'm depressed
and have anxiety could cause headaches also.
so i'm not too sure, but i think that it's the ultram,
because that's when my headaches started right when i started
taking it back in may.
I'm just wondering if anyone else has heard of anyone
getting headaches from taking tramadol/ultram?
It's one pain over another! UGH!
Oh i gave my 2 weeks notice at work this past
monday, I really liked my job and didn't want to quit
but trying to concentrate while being in pain
was just hopeless.
my boss told me that whenever i would want to come
back (whenever my pain lets up) that she would give
me a job in a heartbeat, so that's good to hear huh?
now applying for disability is going to be the hard
part, trying to prove that I'm in pain.
has anyone had problems trying to get disability
when you can't prove that your in pain, i guess they
can call up my doctor and talk to her or look at all of
my medical records on how many times that i have
complained about my pain.