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I can definitely say that sulfa is the closest thing to a cure I have found. Just wish it lasted indefintely. It is better than prednisone that is for sure. I have had to be on that for the better part of 2 years to tolerate dental work. That is the one area that sulfa didn't help. I still could not get dental work or get rid of the swelling in my mouth form the DPU unless I took prednisone and I had to get 18 crowns so it was a must. Now I have to taper by 1mg per month which is not quick enough for me. I gained 30 pounds from it and a couple new meds called lasix and atenolol for my rapid heart beat and edema. Hopefully they will leave when prednisone does in 3 more months providing there are no dependency complications. Hopefully my body makes cortisol after all this cause if not I will have to stay on the prednisone. I tell this to warn about prednisone use unless you really have no other choice. I didn't but in hind sight I think I would have endured a little more pain and a little less prednisone. I couldn't have gone without but I would have taken the minimum. It is easy to take when it is helping but no one thinks about the effects long term (myself included) and the real permanent problems you can create. I hope the sulfa keeps working good for years to come cause it is a relatively safe drug.

Oh, make sure you are taking folic acid. It is depleted by sulfa and get your blood and liver and kidney functions checked monthly for the first couple then quarterly then at least every 6 months. There is a chance it can cause liver or kidney or blood counts to have problems and you don't want to find that out too late. My first 2 docs that were giving it to me didn't do either and luckily it was ok but they didn't think it was necessary or just didn't know so make sure your doc does.