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oh shoot i just read up more about Imitrex
and it says that its only used for acute pain (headaches)
and not to be used chronicly. :-(
Well I guess that thought is out!
My doctor has me on "Atenolol" for my headaches
and I told him that it doesn't work and he told me to
just keep taking it (I have taken it for 2 months now).
I wish that my regular doctor would come back soon
(she left in December to take a 6 month family leave)
once she comes back I'm going back to her, because she
was more willing to prescribe medications.
I don't want to change doctors now again, I have seen
so many already since my chronic pain started
and then ofcourse when i find one that i really like
then she leaves for 6 months UGH! Just my luck huh?
Does anyone know of a medication that would take
away my headaches?
I know most of you would say "well just get off of the ultram
then you won't have the headaches" (I know for sure
that the headaches are caused by the ultram, because i never
had it when i was on the oxycontin a year ago.)
well that's easier said then
done, because the doctor won't prescribe me anything else for
pain. when i told him that i wanted to get off of ultram he seemed
happy (most doctors do don't they?)
well now at this very moment,
he thinks that i am trying to wean myself off of
ultram, which i did try, but like a dummy i was hoping that
i could tolerate my nerve pain without the ultram and i was
wrong, plus the withdrawal was horrible.
so when i go and see my doctor next i will have to tell him that
i can't stop the ultram, well first of all because of my chronic pain,
and also because of the withdrawals, I just couldn't do it.
ok here i go again, I go on and on, and here i just wanted to ask
about a medication to stop my headaches. haha
My husband sometimes wishes that i had pain on my mouth
so i wouldn't talk so much!haha ;-)
If anyone could give me any ideas on what to ask my doctor
for headache relief i would really appreciate it! Kim