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Zuzu, thank you for your very informed reply. I am going to read all I can about the info you mentioned. When I began having these weird spells I began recording my temp, heart rate blood pressure and blood sugar. Nothing dramatic happens at all before, during, or after. The one problem with the BP is I am on 50mg of Atenolol to control my heartrate so I wonder if it might be masking a high BP(I don't even know if thats possible:) )
I have had heart tests done as I do have a heart condition but the heart has been ruled out as the culprit. I have had many tests done in the past 5 months and although I can't say with certainty, I ASSUME my Dr checked for a magnesium def. I had a vitamin workup done-would it have been done then?

Eltwins- we seem to be experiencing something similar, it is really hard day to day not knowing one minute to the next how you are going to feel. I have stayed pretty close to home these past 5 months, and am desperate to feel better. I will keep you updated. I don't know what tests you have had done. I have had several blood tests done ANA,RF,CBC,Thyroid,Cortisol,Lyme Disease, Vitamins, fasting blood glucose, CRP, and more I am sure.

Thanks for the help,