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I am 28 and I just recently had bloodwork done and had a physical and everything was normal. I take these 4 medications: Microgestin(birth control), Atenolol (25 mg) for high blood pressure, Luvox (250 mg) for OCD and Depression and Trazadone (because I can't sleep since taking the Luvox) Anyways, I've been taking these drugs for about six months now (meaning that is the time frame that the 4 have been taken together) and I recently have been feeling really "hung-over" in the mornings. All of my Dr.'s know what I take and I have never been told by any of them that they are not safe to take together. Does anyone know if a combo. of some of these are unsafe???? I left a message for my primary care Dr. and I'm waiting for a response. Why all of a sudden am I feeling like this? Thanks in advance.