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I have had some of the same problems as you. However, I passed the tilt table test. I also have episodes of dizziness while sitting down. In fact, that is when it happens the most. I don't really think it is related to my blood pressure, though. Anyway, has your doctor told you to drink gatorade? When my cardiologist thought that I had NCS he advised me to drink gatorade and eat a lot of salt. I think that it does something with your blood volume and keeps your blood pressure from going too low. I will never understand why they use beta blockers for NCS. Beta blockers lower your blood pressure, right? So why would they give those to someone that is passing out? I am on beta blockers because I have constant sinus tachycardia that they can't seem to find a cause for. I am very med sensitive so I had to try a couple to get one that worked for me. Have you tried more than one? I first was on atenolol and that made me come very close to passing out all day. I am now on bisoprolol and that seems to work for me. Maybe you should try a different type of beta blocker?

Try not to get discouraged. I have been having health issues for 3 1/2 years now and have been to the point where I was about to give up. If you're not happy with what your cardiologist is telling you, get a second opinion.

Hang in there. Someone will figure it out.