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[FONT=Tahoma]My son is 14 years old and has WPW and SVT he had his ablation Feb 2006 cyro. The ablation was unsucessful. His WPW pathway is on his tricuspid valve around the 8:30 position. He was put on Atenonol 25 mg once a day while waiting for his second ablation. We had our second ablation on June 13, 2006 RF surgery took just about 5 hours and was more complexed were the doctor discovered he has a ridge over his pathway in which the doctor was only able to do the RF on a small portion of his pathway then he used the cyro for the reamaining pathway. His heart went into a flutter which did not happen the first time. We kept our fingers crossed during the night hoping that this ablation took care of the WPW pathway. On the morning after his surgery they came in to do an EKG in which the EKG showed the pathway was still there. Therefore the second ablation was unsuccessful. So now we are really in the minority of not only of the 5 % that need to have it done a second time now we need to do the ablation a third time. Our doctor is going to be talking to another docotr in Jacksonville, FLorida who has done a couple of abaltions 5 times on each patient. THis is now out of my son's doctors comfort level. Although my son's doctor has done over 250 abalations for WPW he has only done one patient 3 times. My son's pathway for the RF is a little to close to the cornary artery to be able to do to much RF abaltion. My son is now back on the Atenolol 25 mg. Actually my son has done really good after this second ablation he feels good and his legs are hardly sore at all. Both times for the ablations they put 5 catherards in his groin. Does anyone know of an excellent doctor who has done more then 3 ablations for WPW and any recommendations of any childrens hospitals would be greatly apprecaited. We meet with my son's doctor tomorrow to discus our plans and hopefully he has been in touch with this doctor in Jacksonville Florida.[/FONT]