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I woudn't worry so much about the medicated stent (I have the same one)...odds are so good that even if it is riskier than the uncoated one that by now both our stents are covered over with artery wall/plaque and immune to clotting, furring, or other calametous outcomes.

I REALLY think the bleed risk from Plavix is far worse than the clot risk without Plavix at this time...in fact I will go so far as to say I'M CERTAIN. Aspirin is a WONDERFUL anti-platelet agglomerator, all by it's lonesome. :D

Hmm, Mayo Clinic eh...guess you can't do better than that unless you were Dwight Eisenhower...he had all his heart attacks at Bethesda Naval.

My mom had a similar history as your father's...angina for 5 years, then angiography said 3 major blockages and the only alternative was bypass. There was a time 2 decades ago when women had trouble qualifying for angioplasty (no stents at the time)...it MIGHT have been because of smaller arteries and cruder methodology...not sure why; maybe just misogyny. Her heart continued to clog and fail using atenolol, nitroglycerine, I think channel blockers later on...and then she died in 1993 at 78.
It was 15 years with her heart getting worse and worse. last 5 years were tough, in and out of the hospital...with them really doing NOTHING for her other than billing her insurance.

I HOPE you are keeping your LDL's very low. I think that is the best way to prevent gunking up stents. Mine is a stellar 62. TA-DAAAH! :D