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Newcommer to the boards, I'm glad I found this board. Where do I begin? My father passed away in April, and I've been having a terrible time dealing with his loss. I'm seeking a grief counselor, but that's a whole different story. When I found out about his illness in late March, I began having heart palpitations. Mostly while I was doing a physical activity, something as easy as bowling, I'd feel an occasional flip flop. After his dealth, they came more frequently. Mostly they happen now without being exercise induced, they will happen when I's sitting watching TV or reading, etc. They felt either like my heart litterally did a somersault or occasionally it would take off and feel like it was "galloping". I went to my Dr. in May and she did an in office EKG, everything looked fine she said. She thought it was anxiety over the loss of my father and gave me a few xanax to see if it helped. The palps stopped after taking the xanax off and on when I was feeling anxious. She only gave me 10 xanax at the time, so I felt it must have been stress/anxiety/depression related. Well, over the past week, the palps have returned with avengeance. They alternate between the flip flops and galloping feeling. Sometime I feel a squeezing sensation in my chest that lasts for a split second, but have not been able to determine if that is actually a palp or not. I sit for hours on end with my fingers to my neck waiting for the next skip, or squeeze. It's driving me crazy. I started taking the xanax again, but doesn't seem to help with the anxiety over these palps. I do have high BP, and before my Dad's death was taking 75 mg of Atenolol, but for whatever reason through all of this craziness, my BP has somewhat regulated itself and I'm only taking 12.5 mg of Atenolol along with 12.5 mg of Hydrochlorothiazide. BP now runs about 110/65. My pulse rate runs low in the 60's most of the time, but it has for years. I'm overweight by about 50 pounds, and have been trying to exercise to help with the weight and depression. Today after exercise, my heart got to really flip flopping to the point where I felt like I needed to cough to get it back on track. So here I sit now, convinced I have a serious heart condition. Friends/family say it's stress/anxiety, all part of the grieving process, blah blah blah. I would love for it to be "all in my head" but am not so sure anymore. Does my story sound similar to anyone's? I'm feeling as though I'm all alone, and I'm really really scared that something's really wrong. I'm only 38, and I want to be around for a very long time. I still have things to do. I have diabetes too, and I feel like all of my health problems are starting to close in on me. I've made another appointment with my Dr for Tuesday, but I'm convinced she must think I'm a lunatic as my EKG and all my bloodwork have came back fine. Someone tell me I'm not alone! Thanks for listening,