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Anyone with A FIB, and currently taking antiarrhythmic drugs?
I'm interested in what drugs worked better/worse for you.
My wife (mid-50's), heart healty (until now), with A FIB.
She is currently on 5mg Warfarin, 360mg Cardizem LA, 250mcg Digitek, 100mg Flecainide Acetate (X2), and 25mg Atenolol.
We understand that Warfarin is the "insurance policy."
The Flecainide and Atenolol have provided MUCH improvement.
I had atrial fib. I used to take norpace and atenolol. I had the maze procedure done in 1999. I am currently a-fib free and have been for 7 years. I took magnesium to.These seemed to help. I couldnt handle the side effects thats why I opted for surgery.