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Thank you both for your informative replies,
I'm not sure what treating the source of a metabolic reaction is all about but if you’ll send me some additional info, I'll look it up on the web.
As far as statins are concerned, I think I have tried them all, several times each. They all do the same thing, (accept the zetia). They cause serous pain in my right side that feels very similar to a full blown gallbladder attack that doesn't ease off. It usually takes a couple of weeks after I stop taking the statin befor the pain and sickness eases off completely. If I could stand the pain, I would. And I don’t know what more I could change in my eating habits more than the low saturated fat diet I’ve been on for over 20 years.
As far as other treatments for the angina, I’m on the maximum amount of atenolol, plendil, and Tikosyn. Plus .8 nitro patches and I recently had to start Isordil on top of the nitro patch, hoping to postpone the heart cath for a little while. Oh yeah, I also take T#3 when I can’t take it anymore.
If there is an alternate treatment, I would love to hear about it.
Thank you again, for the info about my concern regarding having heart catherization too frequently.