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Hello To All -
I can't help on the question of the type of irregular heartbeats. Sorry. But I do have some recent experiences that make me wonder. I had a big surgery 12 weeks ago. I have, therefore, been on several meds and also I've had a few other procedures done on my spine. Anyway, out of nowhere, I start having irregular heart beats and I am struggling to breathe and to function (constant PVCs are not a trivial thing at all and a major problem for someone on a cane and in a brace!). I did a Holter for 24 hours and logged more than 14 thousand PVCs along with some of about everything else this monitor can detect. The report was inconclusive for anything other than the 'extreme and symptomatic rate of PVCs'. I was sent to the ER and got checked out and learned I was not having a heart attack or a stroke. I was put on a beta blocker (Atenolol) which immediately brought the PVC rate down. Oh, I never have had a racing heart beat.
Anyway, I did not do well on the Atenolol (typical for me, slurred speech and so on) so we switched me to Tordol (? Sp) on Sunday. It is a slow-release beta blocker and- so far, I am doing way better. PVC rate is often zero and almost never up past 6-8/minute.
I am waiting to see a cardio because we are not sure what med might have brought this on (though it is certainly possible that a med might not be responsible) and since I have several more 'procedures' coming up - we'd like to know. I think that my PVC rate for three days running (b4 the Holter was put on and b4 the ER trip) was up over 20 thousand/24 hours. The ER doc tells me that is pretty dang rare. How special, eh?
I'm really interested in anything to do with PVCs and I'll post all I learn as I go along here. Best of luck to you- Suzy-Q