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I have been having skipped beats for a long time, usually several a day that I actually feel. This in itself causing me great anxiety. Sometimes it seems they last several hours and I have this funny fluttery feeling in my chest but my bp is ok and no pain. Sometimes I get this weird thing, it's hard to explain. It feels like all of a sudden my heart beats super hard and fast for like maybe 5-10 seconds and then it just feels like a really hard pulse somewhat elevated(90ish)for a little while and then back to normal. I've had ths for 13 yrs and have seen 2 cardio docs in the past and had every test they could do and everything came out ok. Yesterday I went to another one and he did an EKG. That was fine he said, no abnormalities. I had blood work last week, triglycerides a little elevated but my doc said not too bad and too cut out processed foods, too much sugar, red meat and hydrogenated oils, etc. My total cholesterol is 168. So aside from that everything was ok - carbon dioxide a bit low but she didn't say anything about that. I'm scheduled for a echo next week and am going to ask for a holter which I've had twice in the past, and chesy xray. The thing is my doctor told me I have anxiety so I feel the cardio doc dismissed me because of that. I hate that! I have anxiety because of the palps. So, does this sound bad? I've had it for a long time now and I'm still here but I wish I knew what it was. Oh, I take 25mg atenolol and am still having this crap -what about magnesium? Thanks!!