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Hi Michele-
I recently (Sept 6th) had a sudden 4 day episode of crazy PVCs. I wore a 24 hr Holter and it recorded 14,500 of them. The report also says I had frequent bigimeny and trigimeny. I was put on Atenolol at the ER but I had to switch to Toprol because the other was really making me too dopey to function. But now I am finding the number of PVCs is increasing. In fact, I was up most of last night because my heart was going kerflubbity all over. I was counting and feeling about 10 'skips' a minute. By noon today it was calming down. of course, I felt and still fell like a cooked noodle. I am not sure wether my dose is wrong or what but I am very concerned about these episodes - it isn't easy to function and I get so light-headed I am afraid I amy not be safe. Anyway, best of luck to you- Suzy-Q