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I'm trying to pass some time while I await an 11 AM apt at my GPs. I am feeling very ill and very discouraged with trying to get anyone to take my heart situation seriously. I had a 24 hr Holter that logged 14, 500 PVCs (Sept 8th) and some of a bunch of other stuff. My GP put me on Atenolol and sent me off. The Atenolol seemd to work on reducing the PVCs but I couldn't function so we switched me to Toprol - which isn't reducing the PVCs. I have a first consult with a cardio (which I had to insist on) on Oct 17th but I won't make it till then.
By Sunday night, I could count about 20 'skips' in my pulse per minute. I have a dreadful headache, am weak, dizzy, and have funny aches in my legs and occassional pains in my heart and armpit. But when I call the docs all I get is, "Are you anxious?" and "Do you have shortenss of breath or severe chest pains". Seemingly no one is concerned so long as I'm not clutching my chest in agony.
But I am far from well. My 'skip' rate has climbed part 30 per minute. My husband is EMT trained and finally put the stethoscope down early this morning and told me it was a cardio or the ER because, "Your heart doesn't beat normally at all. " He's had it.
The weird thing is that I have never ever felt dissed by my docs before. I do not suffer from anxiety (thank goodness) and have a history of needing to be told to get more medical care - not less. My medical file should reassure them that if I say I am unwell and I am staying home from work - there is a problem.
I want to see a cardio. I feel fooling around with more meds when an echo hasn't been done is just silly. Oh, btw- I was seen at the ER for this back on Sept 9th. A work-up then ruled out a heart attack or stroke. But the work up included an EKG, chest x-ray, and blood work. I feel I should have an echo, at least.
Isn't there some limit to how many PVCs per minute can be called benign? Doesn't 34 (my last count - head swimming) call for further attention? I've been working and doing right along and just putting in time until Oct 17th. But I am flattened now so I guess I'll have to be assertive on this.
Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated. Suzy-Q