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Hello, im 30 years old 140lbs good relative health. For about a year and a half I have been having some serious/severe/extreme heart palpitations. It started when i did some xtc a illicit drug, but ive only done it a few times in my life, never a hardcore user and ive never done anything else hardcore. In fact, i have never smoked and rarely drink.

Ive had countless ekg's 2 nuculear stress tests 2 echo cardiogram's a halter a 30 day cardio net and other tests. They all appear not to see anything serious other than heart palpitations, and they will in turn induce a severe anxiety/panic attact. I used to be on clonazepam, then switched to lorazepam (adivan) when it happens, and now my doc prescribed paxil and a beta blocker atenolol.

Over the past 2 years i have had countless terror trips to the er, basically what happens is i can feel it coming on kinda how an epileptic feels a seisure coming on, but its very random, nothing i can see induces it. Sometimes its sudden sometimes its not. Sometimes it lasts for a quarter of a second sends a shock wave/hot flash through my system and then it recovers its normal rhythm. Other times it just seems to flib about not as intense. I have always been active, although the last 6 years ive had a desk job and probably dont eat as well as I should. I do have a stressful job, but i wouldnt choose to leave it because consciously its not that bad.

The beta blockers just seem to make them not as intense, but it doesnt fix the problem. Somedays im well enough to run up a flight of stairs (its required there is no elevator) so i do that fine once a day. But about once a week i have this fit where its horrible, its ruining my life and im not the type to depend on medications, not that they're working anyway.

Am I going to die soon? I dont feel like my body can handle this long term. When it happens it makes me weak, tired, i live in fear every day of my life. Please someone help. Every time it happens i start saying my goodbyes to my loved ones. They're so bad if you were to bet me my house while i was having one that i was gonna die, youd probably win, thats how bad they are. Doctors dont really know whats wrong but i spent overnight in the hospital 2 weeks ago