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You asked...Do you mean that is not likly that they are serious in my case?
blu3crayon, only a doctor can tell you that....

I have a 27 year old son that has anxiety problems for several years and he often has a lot of chest pain during his anxiety attacks, plus he has chest pain when he has a bad migraine headache. But he does not have PVCs and the doctors say that it is common and that his heart is very healthy. (of coarse some of his problem is that he is not willing to take his medicine the way he is supposed to and he won’t stay away from alcohol or smokes

I have had PVC's (I guess you could call them 'a symptom', but personally I called them 'a plague') for about 40 years. They have been getting continually worse and more disabling through the years, but I was unable to get a doctor to observe what was happening. It was only after other heart diseases caused me MAJOR problems, and I have been diagnosed with several heart diseases that I have been given Tikosyn to strengthen my heart beat to help my PVCs; plus with the Atenolol and Plendil that I am on helping my heart to beat slow enough so my pacemaker beats almost all the time, finally, I have some relief from the pain and exhaustion the PVCs cause me.
As for you ? If you go to the ER with PVCs, see if you can get them to check your heart befor you tell them you have anxiety problems.

Who knows, if I had been diagnosed when I was in my twenties, maybe I would be in better shape than I am in now…