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i also posted this under your other thread and i had previous svt's and dr. put me on atenolol (beta blocker) and my hr has stayed down and i have had no other svt's.
Thank you for letting me know that. How often/bad was your svt? I guess I am just wondering why my Dr. is so concerned about mine, when it was diagnosed at 154 beats, and only a run of 6 beats! I have anxiety disorder too, so that is when I mostly get the svt, and I also have been diagnosed with a mild mvp, which everyone says doesn't make any difference. What testings did you go through before he gave you the Atenolol? Thank you- Michelle
i too have anxiety problems, i was in the hospital for another problem when i started having svt's a month ago and i was on the heart monitor so they caught it. i have always had fast heart rate and palpitations. my hrt was 188 at this time, then had it again a day later hr was 160. they did echocardiogram and too said i have mild mvp. since that happened dr said he wanted me to be on atenolol to prevent it from happening again and so my hr will slow down it's now in 60's some compared to 90's and 100's in past. i am 28 and have always remember having very fast hr but do have high anxiety too.
Do you take anything for your anxiety? Did your Dr. want you to see a Cardiologist or Electrophisiologist? Around here they seem to be big on the EP study and Ablation, but I'm not quite ready for that. How does the Atenolol seem to work for you, any side effects? Can you exercise now too? Right now mine seem to be exercise induced or panic attack induced. Thanks again for letting me ask all these questions. Michelle