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Michele....not a problem hun, it actually helps to deal with this by talking about it. So post questions to me, i dont mind at all. When i had my treadmill test, which was the very first test i did after the holter, I was very pleased with it. It documented EVERYTHING to a tee. When you go to the treadmill they hook you up and see what you intial heart rate is. That will determine what your "goal" heart rate is. They then start the test by you walking at a slow pace, taking your vitals signs often. They then slowly increase the speed and slope, holding it for like 2-5 minutes and then increase again. The test is stopped as soon as you say to stop. So if you get anxious, short of breath, if you heart rate is too fast, etc. However know this, your maximum heart rate will likely be in the high 100's like 170 or 180. Because usually this is not SVT, this is normal to an extent for you heart to go that fast, that is what you do to get a "cardio workout" as they call it. But they will stop the test if you have SVT. So if you heart rate suddenly shoots up then they will stop it. And like i said even if you heart rate is only like 150 and you arent at your maximum heart rate but you are too anxious all you have to do is say so and they will stop. This was an awesome test for me because it documented what my heart does when i exercise and for me how it doesnt come down when i stopped. And they do have the proper people there to deal with emergencies so feel comfortable knowing that. YOU arent going to die, lol (lot of laughs). Maybe this test will show that you dont have SVT, that you just get a fast heart rate, which will help with your anxiety i am sure. Or maybe it will show that you have SVT and they can get you on a beta blocker to help out. But I definately recommend that you do this before you start ANY heart medications. If you do have SVT then all it means is you need to have a medication like Atenolol, a lot of ppl are on it for that same reason, even if it isnt SVT just fast, that is a pretty benign drug. If i were you I would recommend you do the test, you will be in control of the test so just stop if you dont feel good. Its just like walking on a treadmill with a bunch of wires hooked to ya. You'll be fine. Keep posting here, i will check back on ya.