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Anyone who takes Inderal (LA) for SVT? Or Atenolol? Just trying to figure out the difference in them and which does what. I was prescribed Inderal LA 60mg for my anxiety/adrenaline induced svt (or tachycardia), and also exercised induced svt. I have very mild asthma tho, so wondered if the Inderal was ok. Also, my heart rate gets down to 58-60 during sleeping, so worried about it making it too low. Thanks for any input!! :) Michelle

Beta-blockers are usually contraindicated in people with asthma. But it isn't rock-hard. IF your astma doesn't seem worse then you can take them and they help your tachycardia then take them, but make sure your doctor is on board with this.

Atenolol is a SELECTIVE beta blocker meaning that it is SUPPOSED to act less in the lungs than non-selectives like Inderal. Probably trying both of them and making your own judgement in the way to go.

Look for extra coughing or difficulty breathing or any leg or hand swelling...call your doctor right away if any of these pop up.

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