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Sorry hun, had some long shifts the last few days. Sounds like you survived though. Well I would definetly say you have a wonderful doctor. Sounds like she listened well to you and helped answer many questions. I do think you need a SSRI. Remember it takes a while for that to really take affect. The same is true for any beta blocker. You MAY be able to see some affects right away but you have to give your body a chance to adjust to it, and I am talking several weeks unless of course you have bad side affects. Like i said before you heart will try to compensate for the lowering of the heart rate at night, if it needs to speed up it will still be able to unless you are on a really high does which i am sure you arent. Just try to bare with the side affects intially. You will be tired, even more tired than you are now with just the xanax. You may have a lower heart rate and you may also have a lower blood pressure which may make you dizzy and maybe an upset stomach. But try to bare with it if you can to give it a good chance to work. I think the plan that your physician has is a good plan... to see if a few drugs will work and if not then go see the cardiologist. It sounds like she has talked to them and what you have is fairly simple (meaning not complex which is a good thing), so I think you are fine to just stick with her plan. In regards to the ST/SVT thing, honestly michele it really doesnt matter what it is, the fact of the matter is it is treated the same way, exactly what your doctor wants to do. So you dont really need to be concerned about what EXACTLY it is called because like i said its treated the same way. Have you had thyroid problems before?? Have you had any recent labs like electrolytes and thyroid tests?? If you havent had those recently like in last 6 months or so, i would get them tested. Also it may be worth getting your hormones checked, some abnormalities in hormone levels can make you more prone to arrhythmias. Keep me updated on how you do on the inderal, like i said it may make you feel crummy for a little while. If you have a lot of problems with it, ask for a drug called Atenolol or Metoprolol. Atenolol usually has less side affects and is a good starting drug, very commonly used as is inderal. Take care, i will be on for a couple day so post me back.
I'm so glad to hear from you. I was worried that with your heart condition, maybe something happened. You obviously have it way worse then me, and here you are consoling me. I do appreciate it so much. Ok, took the Inderal LA 60mg, made me dizzy and lightheaded. It wasn't as bad as I had thought, at least not so far. My tummy hurt, had lots of little side effects, but nothing to make me stop. I'd take a side effect over that tach anyday. I just hope I won't have any nightmares, and then the only other thing we have to watch is my asthma, as this one I guess is not a good drug for it? But she thinks this is the first one to try because it blocks the epinephrine better, and helps better with panic induced ones? So, she thinks it's worth the risk, haha. I don't care, I'm willing to try. Although, she called me tonight and after talking to me, she is going to prescribe Inderal 20mg 3xday instead, due to high LA cost and help ease the dizziness. If the Inderal doesn't work, or I get bad asthma, then I think she said Atenolol was next. Anyways, the Inderal took about 40 minutes to kick in, and helped pretty good, not instant results, but took the edge off the tach, for at least four hours, then had a slight elevation of 100-115 for about an hour, started feeling anxious again, so I took another Xanax, and now it is back down again. Sometimes I feel like this Xanax is double-edged sword, half the time it calms me down, and the other time it gets me really edgy and crabby. I told the Dr. I would try another SSRI, she was talking about maybe Cymbalta, which I'll try, but wonder why she would want me on an antidepressant, when I'm anxious. I do want my hormones checked, she didn't think it was necessary, the only part of the meeting I didn't like. But, at the major hospital, you can get your own tests done, and so I thought of doing that, and then sending her the results when I get them, since I obviously wouldn't know what I'm looking for. I don't know what tests to ask for tho. I had thought my hormones have been messed up for some time, and have talked in the past before all this happened. Never got anywhere with that, and than this happened. Anyways, off to bed, I always hate going to bed, because every morning I wake up, I get to look forward to the BAM, fast heart rate upon rising. I even keep water next to my bed, and Xanax, sometimes if it feels really fast, like 130, I'll take a Xanax, drink my water and lay there or sleep for another hour till the Xanax kicks in and then I don't get as bothered by it. Can't wait for the day it doesn't do that anymore! I've changed my diet this last 2 weeks, cut out my favorite 3 7-up's a day and hardly no sugar. Little sugar withdrawal. Trying really hard. Curious about the salt tho, she said to definetely not eat more salt, but I thought my previous Cardiologist said to eat more salt? Anyways, I hope your doing well yourself, and thank you so much for your inspiration. I really look forward to hearing from you. Being new to this, I feel quite alone where I am. Michelle
Hey there, had a question. Today has felt like my breathing is a little hard, and I've got a very mild sore throat, light coughing and nose slightly stuffy. I'm really worried about the Inderal affecting my asthma. I called the pharmacist, after my Dr. had already left for the day, and she warned me against taking it, but said Atenolol is probably better for me. Do you know anything about a beta blocker that can help the tachycardia and not affect asthma? Also, my Dr. specifically wanted Inderal because it helps people with panic, do you know of any other ones that help also with this? Thank you, Michelle